As long as you're living, my baby you'll be.

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@sierraayyye Elijah has a new favorite. 💛 #lovemyfriends #especiallythosewholovemyson

@sierraayyye Elijah has a new favorite. 💛 #lovemyfriends #especiallythosewholovemyson

Late nights with Eli. ⭐️🌙🌟 #cutiebaby #hesthebest

Late nights with Eli. ⭐️🌙🌟 #cutiebaby #hesthebest

August 19, 2013
For my son in honor of your first birthday.

Elijah, my baby cakes,
I’m sitting here next to you while you sleep literally tearing up because I cannot believe how fast you’ve grown. Because of your grandma and father, I’ve had the most amazing opportunity to spend the first year of your life at home with you. You’re my everything, Eli. You’re my world. I’ve seen you be born under 6lbs, and you came home with us at 4lbs- 10ozs, and now I sit before my son, a 20lb+ healthy baby boy.
Your face has changed so much from birth, but you’ve always been so handsome.
Our family has hit a few rough times this year, as usual when a new family member is added things tend to get chaotic but we are more than settled in now. You’ve brought so much joy and love to our family. You’ve kept us together, you’ve made us laugh, you’ve made us cry when we see you accomplish new things and when we see you explore the world around you.
It is quite difficult for me to write this because as I sit by you, watching you sleep, I wonder if I will be a good mom to you. I want to be there for you. I want to support you in anything and everything. I do not want to yell. I do not want to discipline roughly. I want to show you how to act by my actions. I want to guide you to and through whatever your heart desires.
Let’s talk more about you, my darling baby boy.
This year you’ve accomplished so much! You lifted your head up right on schedule, you sat up at 6 months, you started rolling around quickly after and I can’t forget my favorite milestone in your newborn stage: you smiled to me at 3 weeks, and you laughed up a storm at 2 months. My heart filled with joy and I’m pretty sure my tears overflowed. (Elijah, you need to learn, I’m your mom and so proud of you in every way, which means I will cry at each and everything you do that causes me joy… Not because I am sad but because I am overrun with emotion and you’re the biggest blessing I have ever been given by God.)
Back to you my handsome boy, you’ve learned to stand quickly, you cruise on the furniture and chase Blizzard, you are picking up solids but you mainly enjoy mama’s milk. You love/hate baths, it really depends on if you’re feeling the water at the moment.
You have said your first word - “mama” or “maaaa-ma!” You command me to come to you quick, which isn’t hard because I never leave your side. You’ve uttered “daaaa-dee” a bit and it fills your father with pure joy.
You usually sleep late (in our bed), your crib is of little use. You fall asleep around midnight, and you wake around 5AM for milk, then maybe around 8AM for more milk, then you sometimes even sleep past 1pm, though you still enjoy your naps around 3pm. You take about 2 naps a day.
You have so many toys, you’re very loved and always receive gifts.
You have curly, curly, curly hair and it gets lighter everyday, a beautiful light brown color. You have a few birthmarks: a dark one right above your bum, a long-ish dark one below your right arm pit and a light one on the top of your right arm.
You’re a really handsome child, beautiful in every way and your so spirited, smart, adventurous, and inquisitive! You’re always looking to explore.
You love toys that light up, toys you can toss, toys you can pitch at the dog.
My point of this letter was to give you some insight on your life during your first year and to tell you how much I appreciate you, love you, and will protect you forever.
You were a surprise, but the best surprise there ever was.
I want to teach you so many things, push you in life to succeed, be a good role model for you. I want everything great for you.

I love you so much that I cannot even write it in words. Nothing can describe my love for you.

I hope to teach you how to enjoy life and find happiness. I hope I teach you the importance of being at minimum - environmentally and politically conscious. I hope to teach you the importance of loving animals, caring for all creatures, showing love to other human beings. I hope I teach you how to respect women, honor your elders, be a gentleman and not in the misogynistic sense of the word, but a true gentleman! I hope you emulate your father in many of these things because even though he is young, he’s accomplished a lot in himself and his personality and he embodies many characteristics I’d love for you to have.
I hope to show you self love. I will try never to overly critique you and always support you.
I am your mama. I will love you forever even after I’m long gone.
You’ve changed my world for the better. Thank you for being such an amazing little boy.
You’re the sweetest baby.
Guess what, as long as I’m living, my baby you will be. And yes, that’s from your favorite bedtime book. I’m sorry in advance for any embarrassment I cause you because I’m your mama and I will gush over you always.
Your mama, Brenda Alvarenga.

Letter to my son

December 26, 2012

My little love,
Today you are 4 months old. Yesterday, we celebrated your first Christmas. The biggest gift I could possibly receive came from God, and that of course is you.

You have changed the lives of your father and I for the better. You bring us an incredible amount of joy.

When I found out you were a boy, I thought to myself I hope he gets his dad’s handsome looks and his charms. I also hope you receive my intelligence and wit (also known as sarcasm - for the sole purpose of messing with your daddy). My humor drives your dad nuts at times so it will be a good tool for you some day.

I feel so blessed that I am able to witness you grow.

Each and everyday you learn something new. The joy in my heart expands even further when I see you learn a new skill or acquire a new gesture. You’re the most beautiful baby boy mama could ask for.

Honestly, you’re a whole 4 months now and I still can not believe you’re mine. Your chubby cheeks, your furrowed brows, your pinkish lips, your soft skin, your little hands, your thinnish hair, your cute feet, and your gorgeous eyes were sent for me from heaven. You were born a healthy boy albeit a bit early. You weighed 5lbs, 10ozs. We left the hospital ad started a new life as parents. Because of you, our life will forever be enriched and beyond beautiful. Thank you for the amazing child you are and I’m sure you will blossom into an even better adult.

I love you Elijah.

I will always love you, my darling son.

Your mama


Since Elijah is almost two!

I’ll post two letters I’ve written to him. I plan to write at least one (every time he turns a birthday and put 18ish letters in a book and give it to him when he’s 18!)

We’ll see how it goes :) haha

I can’t wait to sit down and write his 2nd birthday letter.

I’ll tag it letters to Eli in case ya’ll want to skip it!

Life has exhausted me a bit lately so I&#8217;ve stopped blogging on a regular basis. 

Sorry, but Eli turns 2 in 10 days!!

So you should totally expect spam soon!

Life has exhausted me a bit lately so I’ve stopped blogging on a regular basis.

Sorry, but Eli turns 2 in 10 days!!

So you should totally expect spam soon!

Elijah took a bunch of selfies and videos today. I cannot stop laughing. That&#8217;s his face, his feet, and the corner of his head. At least his videos captured his whole face. Hahaha. 😂 #sillyson

Elijah took a bunch of selfies and videos today. I cannot stop laughing. That’s his face, his feet, and the corner of his head. At least his videos captured his whole face. Hahaha. 😂 #sillyson